SciVario® twin

SciVario® twin
Image – SciVario twin
SciVario® twin
SciVario® twin
Image – SciVario twin
SciVario® twin

The SciVario twin is a next-generation bioprocess controller that evolves together with you. In a fast-changing field like the modern biotechnology, working with a system that supports your needs now – and in the future – is indispensable. With a new intuitive user-interface and highly innovative hardware and software it enables flexibility for process optimization and a readiness for the digital age. 詳細情報

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The SciVario twin is a next-generation bioreactor control system suitable for microbial and cell culture as well as stem cell applications. The system is capable of controlling two vessels at the same time, either glass or single-use. Compact, adaptable for changing requirements in the future, and its' intuitive VisioNize-onboard user interface make this the ideal controller in R&D and process development. Digital sensor technology, wide range pumps and gassing system, and a guided workflow to guide you step by step are just some of the features that will help you growing your cells. The controller integrates seamlessly into the Eppendorf Digital Lab, enabling remote monitoring and notifications for your peace of mind.


  • Customizable and flexible thanks to the innovative bay-drawer concept for further extension & reconfiguration
  • Integrated digital sensor technology (Mettler Toledo ISM® and Hamilton ARC®), supporting analog sensors for pH and DO and optical DO sensors
  • Variable speed pumps for accurate liquid addition and operation in batch and fed-batch mode
  • Wide range TMFC to allow for individual mixing of air, N2, O2, and CO2 to headspace and/or submerged aeration
  • Parallel operation of 2 glass and/or BioBLU single-use bioreactors, in any combination of vessel types, independently run or in parallel
  • Suitable for cell culture and microbial fermentation
  • VisioNize-onboard: intuitive and exciting new user interface supporting efficient and intelligent process control
  • Compact design, 15-30 cm of benchspace needed per vessel
  • Cable management guides for a clean and tidy setup
  • Temperature control block for advanced and user-friendly temperature control or temperature control via heat blankets and cooling fingers (benchtop bioreactors)
  • Compatible with DASware® control software


  • Research and development in cell culture and microbiology
  • Lab scale fermentation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts and fungi
  • Cultivation of mammalian, insect, and human cell lines
  • Special applications such as stem cell culture or biofuel/biopolymer development
  • Controlled cultivation of stem cells
  • Media optimization
  • Clone and cell line screening, strain characterization
電源100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
最大電力消費1750 W
寸法(W × D × H)30.6 × 34 × 75 cm / 12.0 × 13.4 × 29.5 in
アクセサリーなしの重量37.4 kg
総容量1.3 L to 4.3 L
速度範囲60 – 1,600 rpm/25 – 1,250 rpm
ガス供給TMFC; overlay and/or sparger
標準ガス流量0.1 – 1.200 sL/h
標準ガス混合Air, N2, O2 and/or CO2
標準フィード速度の範囲は(チューブ径に応じて)0.005 – 600 mL/h (small pump), 4.5 – 5.200 mL/h (large pump)
Exhaust CondensationLiquid-free (Peltier) or water-based